Carol Horner

“I believe in people first. You can have all the best technology, processes, and “stuff,” but if your people are not connecting and building stronger relationships, it doesn’t matter. My job is to help those connections and relationships grow.”

Carol Horner is the founder and president of Synchronicity, Inc. She works with companies and organizations that want their employees, teams, and leaders to “be in synch” and make an impact.

Carol affects positive and productive changes in people’s attitudes, behaviors, and relationships and creates a direct connection between the vision, values, and strategies of a company and the day-to-day activities of its people. She integrates diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging learning into all her consulting and talent development work.

Carol is an Everything DiSC® Certified and Authorized Partner, Five Behaviors® Accredited and Authorized Partner, and PXTSelect® Certified Professional and Authorized Partner. She also holds a certificate in Advanced Consulting Skills.

Carol is the author of the Spiral of Accountability™ model and upcoming book.