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What Leaders Need NowSM

Inner Qualities and Essential Practices

Drawing upon thirty years of experience as a leadership development expert and executive coach, as well as three years of immersion into the effects of a global pandemic on organizational culture and employee well-being, author Andrea Chilcote envisions What Leaders Need Now: compassion, courage and humility. She presents these three qualities as internal capabilities that can be grown, honed, and nurtured, through the essential practices of development, reflection, and acknowledgment. It is then, she says, that you can “begin to embody the leader at the heart of your being.” 

The book is well-researched, drawing on diverse thought-leaders’ perspectives; practical, offering real-life examples from the author’s work as a coach; and expressive, stirring emotion in the reader as to how we feel about and connect to our work lives.  

Leaders with a strong sense of purpose, or those seeking one, will find this work simultaneously provocative and reassuring as we seek to unearth the potential in all for compassion, courage, and humility. The essential practices of development, reflection, and acknowledgment allow us to begin to examine beliefs, behaviors, and values and commit to being leaders who are most needed now in the workplace and in our communities.