Team Transformation

The purpose of our team transformation work is to build highly cohesive teams characterized by:

High Trust

Trust on a team is characterized by vulnerability (a willingness to admit mistakes, engage in candid debate about issues and share feedback) and the offer of positive intent (a willingness to extend the benefit of the doubt). Trust results from understanding other team members’ strengths, style, values, background, motivators, likes and dislikes. In other words, it results from getting to know them as people.

Productive Conflict

Productive conflict is focused on concepts and ideas, not mean-spirited, personal attacks. Teams with high trust are able to engage in passionate debate around issues that are important to them. The difference between low-trust team that argue and high-trust team that engage in productive conflict is quite significant. The former is, to quote Pat Lencioni, laced with “politics, pride and competition.” The latter is “a humble pursuit of truth.” 

Commitment to Decisions

Commitment to decisions is the essential outcome of productive conflict. Commitment has two parts. Buy-in, the achievement of full emotional support, which is not consensus. Buy-in means a team member agrees to support the decision a team or team leader has made even if that decision is not what they would have recommended. The second part of commitment is clarity, an unambiguous agreement about what exactly was agreed upon.


Accountability in the context of healthy team behavior means that team members – peers and the leader – are willing to share feedback with one another, remind one another, when they are not living up to the commitments made. This accountability applies to behaviors, team norms, as well as to results. 

Focus on Collective Results

Focus on collective results refers to an emphasis on a collective outcome or outcomes versus individual achievements or agendas. A team can accomplish a degree of mastery of all the previous criteria and fail to focus on collective results. Desired team results must be made public and explicit. 

Morningstar Ventures Signature Programs

Morningstar Ventures not only offers executive coaching, team transformations, and numerous in-depth assessments but also intensive programs for your leadership and team development.

The Two 3s
A group coaching program based on the book, What Leaders Need Now, by Andrea Chilcote

What Is the Two 3sSM Coaching Program?

The Two 3sSM Coaching Program creates an opportunity for transformational growth and change in an accessible and affordable format. This highly individualized, virtual or in-person coaching experience helps leaders begin, resume, or enrich their development journey, in partnership with a skilled coach and a small group of peers or team members.

The Two 3sSM will transform the way you lead by delving into the 3 Essential Qualities and 3 Essential Practices of empowering and effective leaders that others will want to follow.

Who can benefit from the Two 3sSM Coaching Program?

  • Teams of peer leaders who wish to build a culture of compassion, courage, and humility in a high-functioning organization
  • Cross-functional and project teams who wish to learn together and build leadership capacity as they transform their business teams
  • Groups of leaders from across an organization who come together to learn, grow, and share experiences

The program can be delivered virtually or in person by a Morningstar Ventures executive coach. Certification, fully scripted facilitation kits, and materials are also available for internal facilitation. 

"I really enjoyed this program. As an executive with a lot on my plate – the learnings and coursework were bite-sized enough to keep my attention and engagement. Get this course out broad and wide!"
President, Marshfield Clinic Health System Michigan

Advanced Consulting Skills

An intensive two-day course for navigating complex relationships in business

Get Results Through Influence Not Just Authority

Individuals responsible for acting as catalysts for growth and change have development needs that are unique and demanding! Are you someone who gets results through influence rather than reporting authority? Are you a catalyst who helps other people in the organization achieve business goals? Does your effectiveness depend upon developing a shared understanding of your internal clients’ situation and desired outcomes, and your ability to balance maintaining rapport with creating change?

The Advanced Consulting Skills Course is an intensive two-day training designed to build both the confidence and the skill to be effective as a catalyst working with internal and executive-level clients. Understand how to manage relationships with clients whose style or personality is dramatically different from yours. You will learn the skills and practice the applications using real-life content.

Consultants, through the nature of their charter, are responsible for partnering with operational leaders to deliver a solution or result. But to be effective, they must act as catalysts, that is, enter a business problem, design and implement a changed condition, then exit, on to the next challenge. Mastery of this process requires finely tuned skills. If your success depends on the client’s outcome being met, not just on the transaction, this course is for you.

SHRM Recertification Provider Badge
Morningstar Ventures is recognized by SHRM to offer Professional Development Credits (PDC) for SHRM-CP® or SHRM-SCP® recertification activities.

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Dates and Times: September 21 & 22, 2023 8:30 am – 4:30 pm on Thursday 8:30 am – 3:00 pm on Friday 

Cost: $895 per person

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ATD, SHRM & ODN members use coupon code TENOFF for a 10% discount at checkout.