Sheppard Lake

“I believe leadership is more about being than doing. And it’s not limited to people who lead other people or organizations. We are all leaders of our own experience in work and life – and how we influence the world around us. Leaders are most effective when they truly know themselves and can consistently show up authentically as opposed to how they think others want them to be. I firmly believe that it is in our vulnerability that we show strength. Vulnerability allows us to show compassion, make better decisions and build stronger relationships. Finally, I think nature and wildlife – especially the work I do with horses! – have a lot to share with us about living and leading.”

Sheppard Lake is an executive coach and facilitator with over 20 years of experience in organizational and leadership development. Through engaging clients in their own problem-solving, she influences deeper learning and more sustainable behavior changes. This provides an environment for greater self-awareness, authenticity, and enhanced effectiveness to achieve specified results. She is expert in helping clients rewire unhelpful learning and creating accountability toward established personal and professional goals. Sheppard has worked with small and large organizations in multiple industries, including, but not limited to, medical, telecommunications, IT, financial, government, real estate, oil and gas, retail, and hospitality. Her areas of specialty with organizations include leadership development, employee engagement, and team dynamics.

Sheppard’s clients describe her as dynamic, engaging, inspirational, and savvy. She is a master facilitator who combines professionalism, perspective, and a little fun. She has a unique ability to know where a group is emotionally and adjusts accordingly. One-on-one, Sheppard has been described as present, an exceptional listener, and willing to go to the root of the situation in a way that maintains connection and trust with the client.

Sheppard holds a master’s degree in organizational and social psychology from The London School of Economics as well as multiple certifications including a Master Coach Certification. In addition, Sheppard studied under Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield to obtain her Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification. She attended Meredith College for her bachelor’s degree in business management and psychology. Finally, Sheppard holds a Master Facilitator Certification and acts as a mentor in Equus Coaching (partnering with horses from the ground to assist in self-discovery and awareness).

Native to Winston-Salem, NC, Sheppard currently lives in Boulder, CO. She has traveled extensively and lived in London, Barbados, Arizona, and the Washington DC metro area. She enjoys hiking with her favorite dog, cooking, traveling, and time in nature.