Introduction to What Leaders Need Now | Episode 1

Is leadership something you take for granted? Have you ever second-guessed your ability to lead your team through these tumultuous times? In this new podcast series, leadership experts Andrea Chilcote and Laura Roccaforte dive into the shifting needs of leaders and their teams and introduce leadership attributes required in today’s workplace.

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About the Series

Join Andrea and Laura in their podcast series as they explore leadership attributes and practices that will help leaders become more effective with their teams in the workplace. Their conversations include expert guests who bring relatable client stories to help you reconnect with the authentic leader within you.

Co-Founders and Hosts

Andrea Chilcote

Morningstar Ventures
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Laura Roccaforte

The Learning Exchange
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2 Responses

  1. Wow! I just listened to your 1st What Leaders Need Now podcast and I am holding back the tears. What a beautiful delivery of such an important message. Laura, your story wasn’t new to me, but the way you told it embodied and showed by example exactly what youall are talking about – compassion, courage and humility. And you know how everything is like peeling an onion and then you have a new discovery? For me, it was Laura’s reminder of self-compassion and what that looks like (including not having to take the hill by herself, which for me might look like having a free morning to do an unexpected errand without having to rush), but also, in what felt like a completely new way, Laura’s description of Rich’s ALS team as a team who trusted each other and whom she has come to trust completely, no matter who makes the most or the least, the reliance on each one to do their part, trusting that they will and knowing they are focused on a common destination. What would the world be like if we regained that trust in each other (our teachers who have been so harassed, our doctors who are no longer treated as health experts, our politicians some of whom have been genuinely serving our communities faithfully for many years). As I think about it, in all arenas we have lost that trust for a variety of reasons, but the main thing now is to support our worlds in regaining the ability to live in a trusting way. Compassion, courage and humility are key themes in creating this transition. Thank you for thinking of this and delivering it into the universe. Much love to you both. ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Wow! What a powerful first episode. Congratulations to the entire team for launching this much-needed dialog. Laura, it’s interesting to hear you say you don’t know where your strength comes from at times. It’s so true that we sometimes are able to summon unimaginable strength when it’s most needed. My mother was diagnosed with ALS twenty years ago when my two children were still young, so I have a notion of where you are coming from. I’m glad you are taking the time to care for yourself and are having deep and meaningful conversations with your husband – and with all of us. I’m looking forward to future episodes in the What Leaders Need Now podcast. Thank you, Andrea and Laura!

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