What Leaders Need Now: Courage in Leadership | Episode 11

Often you get advice from people who haven’t actually “done it.” Not this time. Janet Barnard, former C-suite leader, who came up from the ranks to help lead a $3.5B business and was the first female in many of her roles, talks with me about courageous leadership. Her thoughtful and spot-on advice to leaders at any level shouldn’t be missed. Janet discusses her journey, what she learned along the way, and says, “You can do more than you think you can by changing your self-talk.” Believe it!

What Leaders Need Now: Agile EQ | Episode 10

“In terms of getting results, relationships mean everything,” was just one of the benefits Carol Horner sees with team and self-assessments. As a 20-year Everything DiSC partner, Carol knows a thing or two about the immense value this assessment can bring in building foundations and trust within a team. She shares how adapting and creating “win-wins” through understanding yourself and your teammates has a huge impact on taking your team to the next level.

What Leaders Need Now: It’s All About Connections | Episode 9

“Try it. You just never know.” was just one of the incredible insights provided by Kia Painter, Chief People Officer for Cox Communications, during our recent conversation. Kia talked about her love of learning and her biggest takeaways after reading my book, What Leaders Need Now. She even shares what she started implementing right away and the importance of realizing how we are showing up to our teams. Take a listen. You won’t regret it!

What Leaders Need Now: Authenticity | Episode 8

What Leaders Need Now co-founder, Andrea Chilcote, has a very personal and courageous discussion with former executive and now leadership coach, Dianne Earley, on authenticity. Dianne brings forth some of her experiences and learnings to the benefit of others and provides insight into why authentic leaders and cultures are a requirement to stay competitive in today’s business world. Dianne’s very real stories will make you ask yourself “why not?” and cause you to rethink compassion in the workplace.

What Leaders Need Now: Reflection | Episode 7

Leadership expert Andrea Chilcote talks with her good friend and colleague, Randy Hain, of Serviam Partners about the power of reflection for today’s leaders. Both authors have written extensively about this key practice and its ability to guide leaders in their day-to-day actions. Learn about time thieves and how consuming data has changed our reflective practices. Randy also discusses the importance of “savoring the moments” and being present.

What Leaders Need Now: Courage in the Workplace | Episode 6

WLNN co-host Laura Roccaforte is joined by special guest Scott Focht of the Omaha Public Power District and together they discuss courage in the workplace. Scott shares how he developed his leadership courage through the power of yes and calming the chaos by listening to the orchestra of compassion, courage and humility & dancing to that music.

What Leaders Need Now: Humility | Episode 5

Leadership expert Andrea Chilcote talks with Dr. Todd Strumwasser, anesthesiologist, health system executive, and former President of the Northern California Division of CommonSpirit Health, the second largest non-profit hospital chain in the US. Andrea and Dr. Strumwasser discuss his leadership journey from operating room to senior executive, and how humility plays a critical role in effective leadership. Ego-strength is not what you think it is; it’s about being open-minded with stakeholders during the decision-making process, and admitting when you’ve made a mistake.

Why Leaders Need Courage Now | Episode 4

Leadership experts Andrea Chilcote and Laura Roccaforte discuss leaders having courage in the workplace. They share personal stories as well as examples from real-life clients. They will show how exhibiting this leadership quality connects you with your team members and aligns with your own values, which ultimately elevates your company culture.

Why Leaders Need Self-Compassion in the Workplace | Episode 3

Leadership experts Andrea Chilcote and Laura Roccaforte discuss the importance of leaders having and demonstrating self-compassion in the workplace. Andrea examines three relatable personas, or archetypes, and how they derail self-compassion. They are joined by Kathy Gauthier, founder of Connective Living, who worked extensively with healthcare leaders during and after the pandemic. Kathy shares how a lack of self-compassion affects you as well as others around you. She will take you through an exercise that illustrates the importance of self-compassion “breaks.”

Why Leaders Need Compassion Now: Compassion in the Workplace | Episode 2

Leadership experts Andrea Chilcote and Laura Roccaforte address the first attribute leaders need now: compassion. Joined by executive coach and mindfulness teacher, Sheppard Lake, they discuss how leaders must be better equipped to recognize when employees are struggling and demonstrate compassion for their well-being. Sheppard walks us through a special exercise to bring forth this leadership attribute.